RED 2 Quotes

Red 2 Quotes Just when I thought movie studios couldn’t possibly release a dumber sequel than Grown Ups 2, they go and do something like this… and totally redeem themselves! From the good people of Moldova to dusky international femme fatales, RED 2 is everything I hoped for and more.

Bruce Willis as Frank Moses
Mary-Louise Parker as Sarah Ross
Anthony Hopkins as Edward Bailey
John Malkovich as Marvin Boggs
Helen Mirren as Victoria
Byung-hun Lee as Han Cho Bai

Marvin: Frank, you haven’t killed anybody in months.
Frank: Hey you know what, that is not a bad thing, okay? That’s a positive thing for a lot of people.
Kemosabe I need you. They’re coming, I can feel it.

Frank: [At Marvin's funeral] Marvin was… different. He was a very good shot. Some would say that he was paranoid, but you have to expect a little of that when the CIA is dosing you with LSD for a little more than a decade. He could wire a bomb faster than anybody I ever met. The good people of Moldova will always be in Marvin’s debt.

Marvin: Frank, can I give you a little advice about women.
Frank: No! Absolutely not!
Marvin: You gotta ask yourself, what is a girl like that doing with a guy like you. It ain’t for your looks!
Frank: I will shoot you. I will shoot you in the liver.

Sarah: I’m not hanging out in some bunker while you slink around and save the planet with dusky international femme fatales.

Sarah: Let’s face it Columbo, things were getting a bit stale.
Wow, mommy just slapped daddy at the dinner table!

Victoria: It’s important to enjoy life while you still can.

Marvin: [Suddenly shouts in a quiet diner] Why don’t they just dip our balls in honey and stake us to an ant farm!

Sarah: [slapping Frank] He’s out.
Marvin: He might be awake.
Sarah: Oh good, so he can feel it.

Marvin: I knew she would play him like a banjo at an Ozark hoedown.

Frank: We didn’t come to Paris on vacation!
Sarah: Oh well, shopping is what I thought you did… in Paris… with your boyfriend’s money… while you’re waiting for him to wake up from being taken down by his skanky, slutty, Russian biatch ex-girlfriend.

Frank: Marvin, is that a stick of dynamite in your pocket?
Marvin: Yeah, but I’m saving it for an emergency.
Frank: Well this is kind of an emergency isn’t it.

Frank: The weapon is in the Kremlin?
Bailey: Well it’s the one place they wouldn’t look.

Frank: What in the name of… hey! What are you doing kissing this guy?
Sarah: Well I didn’t want to kill him.
Frank: Well what kind of stupid logic is that?
Sarah: What in the Sam Hill is she doing here?
Frank: Well she’s working with us again.
Sarah: Like heck she is!
Marvin: Kids, what happens in the Kremlin stays in the Kremlin.

Marvin: She has talents you and I will never have.
Frank: What talents?
Marvin: People like her.
Han: If she lives, this will be good for your relationship.
Marvin: If there’s one thing I know, it’s women and covert ops.
Frank: That’s two things.
Han: No grasshopper, it is not.

Han: [sees the bomb] Oh shit.
Is that it?
It’s counting down, Frank.
Shut it off, right?
Marvin: Yeah with what, acupressure?
Han: I dunno!
Marvin: Well, why is it my responsibility?
Frank: Just do something.
Marvin: What with my Mr. Chemistry set?

Victoria: Can you drive this ridiculous thing?
Han: Can you shoot?
Victoria: Show me something!

Victoria: Oh please tell me you’re not crashing with a weapon of mass destruction!

Marvin: He made the run to emotional safety!


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